Lessons I’ve Learned from My Past

In every phase of our lives, we can’t avoid meeting new people. They may become our friends or enemies, but they’ve surely taught us good lessons in life. Some may have caused us pain, sadness or laughter and happiness, but there’s always a reason behind all of it. There’s a saying, “everything happens for a reason” and this is one of my favorite sayings of all time because it always reminds me to just let things flow and everything will be okay.

This post made me go back to my memory lane and bring back some of the good and bad moments in my life. Now I’m thinking, ‘will I be able to come up with this topic today if I’ve never experienced all of those things from the past?’ 

Life is too short.

It was my last year in high school and just a few weeks away before graduation day when something bad happened with two of my classmates. They got involved in a vehicular accident while they were on their way for lunch. We were so terrified and got goosebumps while we were waiting for the news about their conditions. The next day, we got the news that one of them had already passed away due to the loss of too much blood. The other one was in a recovery state but still got a major head injury. We all cried because we were all excited to graduate and then that happened in just a blink of an eye. That moment changed my perspective in life and made me realize that our time is only limited so make the most out of it.

Always put me into other people’s shoes.

Most of the heartbreaking moments of my life were from my childhood. My Mom let us see the true face of the world by sending us to public school right when we entered the elementary stage. I had this twin classmate who always get bullied because of their dirty clothes and messy hair. I can still remember when they talked to me as if I’m one of their enemies too when in the first place, my real intention was to make friends with them. I was a curious little kid back then so I want to know why they wear unclean clothes and unwashed hair all the time. One day, they took me to their house and that’s when I found out the reasons behind all of it. They lived in a shantytown or squatters’ area where the supply of water is just limited. Their house is made of thin plywood, and some have holes in the walls. I was dumbfounded because that was the first time I see that kind of place. No, we’re not rich if that’s what you think. I didn’t imagine that kids my age experienced that kind of hardship. I thought that every people has the same status in life, but I was wrong. Since then, before I judge people on how they act, speak and dress, I think first what are the reasons behind all of it because they might be going through some hardships in life.

Work in silence and let the results make a noise.

My Mom always tells me and my siblings that if we’re doing something and we’re becoming successful, just be quiet and don’t broadcast it to anyone. Work silently and don’t let other people know what are you up to because some people are insecure about others’ successes. I used to love posting on my Facebook account and letting everyone know what I’m up to. Most of my time got consumed by constructing long captions on my posts. And then I woke up one day feeling so unmotivated with what I’m doing. I realized that I should keep my achievements to myself instead because it’s much more exciting rather than announcing to everybody all the things I do.

Don’t let others’ negative comments affect me.

I used to care about what other people said about me and what I do and I can honestly say that it was distressing! I think that was one of the main reasons why I suffered from mild depression before because I permitted them to do that to me; to influence me with those corrupting words of theirs. Good thing, I have my family and true friends who helped me to stand up again and made me feel so hopeful that everything will be fine. And here I am, trying to spread positivity to others.

Money is easy to spend but hard to earn.

When I had my first salary, I was so thrilled and excited to spend it on something that will remind me of my hard work. Saving money was out of my mind which was totally wrong. For two years of working, I never had a chance to have my own savings account and investments. I loved spending even the last cents on my wallet on food, clothes, shoes and travel. When I had the courage to quit my job, and stay and work from home, I was finally able to focus on my finances. And now, aside from the small business that I have, I’m also studying how to expand my investment by studying the stock market.

I have so many regrets and mistakes in my life but it didn’t stop me to stand up on my feet and start all over again. These lessons are already part of me and if you’ll ask me whether I want to remove it and change all of them with the good ones, I’ll say no. Because I won’t be able be the kind of person that I am right now without all of it.

Thank you so much for reading!


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