How To Keep Long Distance Friendship Works

Being in a long-distance status doesn’t only apply for couples who are in a relationship but also in friendship. I’m currently in this state where some of my friends are miles away from me which makes me sad sometimes.

This post is dedicated to those people who are in the same boat as me who never let the distance hinder the friendships that we built and still trying to work things out. Not because we have to but because we want to. I know how hard it is to stay connected and updated from time to time with people who are close to our hearts. They’ve already become part of our families too and it’s really hard to forget all the memories we have shared throughout the years.

Yet, whether we like it or not, we all need to grow up, go separate ways and find our own lucks. And being away from each other is part of it. Good thing, I came up with some of the great ideas on how to make this long-distance friendship works.

Catch up from time to time.

Just like in any relationship, being updated with our friends is necessary to make the friendship work out. I’m not saying that we have to talk to them 24/7. Maybe twice or thrice a week will do if both of you are not that busy. In my case, since most of them work, I send them messages during their breaks and on weekends. Once a month will do too. Scheduling video chats or phone calls are some of the ways we can do so we’ll be in touch with our friends. When I feel I’m in a mood to send them long messages, I choose to send them emails instead.

Keep track of the important events.

We have to make sure that we’ll remember the important dates in their lives like their birthdays. I’m good at remembering those important dates but I’m still taking notes on my journal and set it on my phone calendar too. Just to guaranty that I won’t miss any of it not only because I don’t want them to get upset with me but because I value them and our friendship.  

Visit each other or hang out if possible.

Making plans when we can see them or vice versa can also help us to strengthen our bond of friendship with them. In my case, once a year, I’m trying to book a trip just to see some of them. Most of them are already married and started to build their own families. And some are going home so we can spend time going out for a movie, eat lunch, visit parks or bookstores or just catch up while drinking coffee.

Distance is nothing if we’re willing to give effort and time to our friends. Of course, to make it work, they should do the same thing too. It’s fine to go separate ways because that’s how we’ll find out how strong our friendship is with them and if it’s for keeps.

Thank you so much for reading!


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