What Does Happiness Mean

We all have different definitions of happiness. I realized that it can’t only be shown by smiling and laughing. Sometimes, it can be felt inside us and keeps on growing in the long run without any sign on the outside. It’s a sign of being content with what we have and being fulfilled with what we finally achieved in life. But what does happiness truly means to us?

I asked some important people in my life what does happiness means to them. My Mom answered that happiness is the outcome of her sacrifices once us, her children are already stable and successful. My SO replied that happiness is being worry-free, like spending the whole day at work without encountering any issues and resting for the whole night after a long tiring day. While some of my friends define it as being comfortable, something to be enjoyed along our journey and shouldn’t be considered as a destination.

On my note, happiness is an emotion we feel when we do something good for ourselves, others and even to our society. It is something that we should start giving to ourselves first and sharing with others when we finally can and want to. As mentioned, happiness is about being content with what have. It means gratefulness is another way of being happy. Having a stable job or savings, spending time with our family and pursuing our passions are some of the things that we should be grateful for.

However, some still haven’t found the true meaning of happiness. I know a couple of people who entered and stayed in toxic relationships just because they thoughts that’s what will make them happy and complete. Some think that having lots of money can fill their empty heart and soul. And others think that doing something unwillingly for people is another form of the mistaken definition of happiness.

I encourage you to find its true meaning. Life is too short and unpredictable to waste it by doing something that makes you feel tired and exhausted. Because I believe that we all deserve to have it no matter what situation we are in the present.

Thank you so much for reading!


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