Growing Up Having a Strong Mom

Along with me and my siblings growing, I saw my Mom becoming a strong woman too. I’m aware of what were the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings so we can grew up in the right way. She gave up her career when she got pregnant with my eldest sister and decided to just stay at home and be a full-time mom since then. It must be really difficult for her to do that and I’m thankful for her.

Like other families, we’re not perfect too. There are circumstances that my parents have some misunderstandings. And in all of these situations, I watched my Mom being a tough woman she is but still a kind-hearted person at the same time.

I may not have seen her getting hurt when my grandma called her a “bad luck” in the family, she pitied herself while working so hard so she can finish her degree and got emotionally abused by my father’s relatives, but hearing all of it from her is already enough for me. I look up to her not because she’s my Mom but also because she’s a role model for every woman. She may have had imperfections and made bad decisions but it didn’t stop her to become a good Mom to us, her children.

I learned from her to stand by myself because no one else can do that for me. She taught me when I had my first heartbreak, that I shouldn’t give all my love to people who don’t deserve it. I became independent too because she didn’t stop me from leaving home for college, unlike other parents. She allowed me to grow on my own, make mistakes, experience failures and embrace changes that have come to me. She taught me to consider criticisms as challenges to be a better person in the future, be my true self by accepting my flaws and see the importance of education in this world. And for supporting me with all my decisions and just give advice when she thinks my choices aren’t that good.

Having a strong mom doesn’t always mean being strict and manipulative to their kids. It’s about being supportive with limitations, wanting what’s best for their children, being happy for their successes in life and of course, being best friends with them too.

I’m not going to end this post without saying ‘thank you’ to my Mom for making me the best version of myself and raising us, her kids to be tough human beings too. I may annoy you sometimes with my silly, out of the blue and out of this world questions, but I know, you love me, us, so much. I don’t know if I saw you cried before but when I told you all of a sudden that we love you, you just pretended you got something in your eyes. You’ve been so tough all these years but you’re still a human being who has feelings. I love you, Ma. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


Can’t Say No To My Mom

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