Change the Strategy, Not the Goal

Let’s say that we are in the climax part of our journey when suddenly, all the plans we made are slowing us down or worst, not working out. Probably most of us will just give up and start all over again without realizing that we just have to change something on how we do things. Maybe we have to step back and see things in the bigger picture, do some adjustments then try again.

I have this attitude of losing interest so quickly over something once I see my plans are ineffective. I’m bad at handling failures because I easily get disappointed. That’s why I prefer to drop everything and change my target.

Now, I’ve finally learned my lesson that all the setbacks are part of reaching our goals. Experiencing failures along our journey to success is what makes it special. And life can indeed be boring without any twists and turns.

I change the way I think and how I see things. Having so much patience is also included when reaching goals. I surround myself with people having the same positive mindset and goals in life. And avoid the ones who are pessimist as much as I can.

I know that there comes a time that we think we can no longer surpass it but the best way to do is relax, be optimistic that things will work out, have faith, and then try again. Because I truly believe that if we want to reach something, we’ll do everything whatever it takes just so we can have it.

Thanks for reading! 

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