Start Taking Care of Yourself First

We might be all very busy trying to survive in this toxic world by working our asses off and meeting other people’s expectations every single day. I know what it feels like being exhausted to do the job we don’t love, deal with people we really don’t like, and try to be someone else that we’re not just to please others because I’ve experienced all of it. And the kind of person that I am right now made me think about how self-destructing all of those things not only to me but to others too. 

I spent probably half of my life trying to please everybody and forget about how to look after myself first. I used to surround myself by people who love to complain, full of insecurities and have negative mindsets. My mistake was I let them in into my life, take over my thoughts and forget to prioritize my well-being. But here I am, lucky enough and thankful for all of those bad decisions and choices that I’ve made. I guess it was all part of the process so I can become a better person today and hopefully, in the future. 

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Here are some ways I do to take care of myself.

Look after your body, mind and soul.

Drinking alcohol, depriving myself to sleep, let other people hurt me emotionally, eating unhealthy food and neglect my hobbies were some of the bad things that I did to myself. I fed my mind with irrelevant thoughts and even doubt my faith in God. I woke up one day feeling lost, miserable and sorry for myself. I quitted my job, I lose my passion and motivation to do my best in everything that I do. It was true that what you feed your mind can control your life. So I challenged myself and started focusing on the best part of my life. I do exercise, read good books and strengthen my faith. I can honestly say, it was hard at first but it didn’t stop me to work on myself to get better. 

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Surround yourself with positive people.

My old daily routine made me realized how toxic I was to myself and other people. All thanks to Facebook for bringing back the memories of my old self. My timeline was full of random yet still annoying stuff about heavy traffic, long line to get on a vehicle and other not so big deal things. Some people in my past influenced me and I was not aware of how they can affect my life and my perspective. If I am going to meet the old me, I wouldn’t recognize her, that’s for sure because I’ve changed a lot.

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So, I isolated myself from people I used to hang out with and chose the one I know I can rely on. I was so down yet, I tried to fix myself and let everyone know that I am okay from time to time. I also deactivated all of my social media accounts and concentrated on healing my damaged life. I had so many realizations about choosing people who I’ll let in in my world, that life is so short to deal with people who won’t do any good in me. I may now have a small circle of friends but I’m still glad and I feel lucky to have them because I know that they’re trustworthy and serve as inspiration too.

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Treat yourself with kindness.

The kind of thoughts we put into our minds and how we treat ourselves when the world is becoming cruel to us is what we need to check too. It’s not enough that we look after our physical appearance, how we look good on the outside but also the inside. Reminding ourselves that we are wonderful in our ways and that we deserve all the good things we have are some of the things we can tell every day to show some kindness to ourselves. 

We all have insecurities but it shouldn’t stop us from embracing our flaws and treat ourselves with extra care and humbleness. Every day, I take time to talk to myself in front of the mirror and keep me reminded how pretty I am, that I deserve all the good things I have in my life, that no one is allowed to hurt me, not even myself and that I am capable of all the things I want to learn soon and you should do it too. 

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Sometimes, I wonder what my life would look like if I didn’t start to take care of myself. I might not be able to appreciate how beautiful life is and maybe, I won’t have all the blessings that I have today too. It was life-changing and I promise to myself I will never go back to the old me. 

Thank you so much for reading!  

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