Why Am I Keeping A Journal

Some of you might not feel like writing and recording all of the things you do every single day. Well, I used to be like you too but when I decided to try keeping a journal, it changed my life, for the better.

One of the reasons why I keep a journal is that it allows me to chill. When I get too overwhelmed with the changes that are happening in my life, I just sit in one corner of my room and open it. Just by doing that, I’m already reminded that life isn’t complicated and I don’t need to overthink things. That I shouldn’t pressure myself from doing all the things that are written in my journal. And that I have all the time I need to accomplish all of it.

My journal is just full of random thoughts, daily to-do lists, goals and achievements in a certain month. It’s a mess but I think that’s how I like to see my journal every time I open it. My thoughts and ideas are written in my journal which sometimes makes me smile and laugh when I read them.

I’m keeping a journal because it keeps me productive. The tasks that I am going to do in a day are written on it and need to get marks once I’m done doing certain work. Sometimes, I put tasks that need to be done within a month, when it has no specific deadline.

I’m keeping a journal because it reminds me from time to time that I am blessed. The people that I have in my life, the achievements I have accomplished and the challenges I surpassed made me realize how funny life is. I always keep in mind that I can’t appreciate the good things if I don’t experience bad things.

Keeping a journal helps me to stay happy, contented and healthy mentally. It’s my haven when I feel lost in the real world. It’s my best friend and a treasure that I would be forever thankful for.

Thank you so much for reading!


A Not So Good Day

My Kind Of Chill Day

Another Normal Day


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