I Don’t Apologize For These Things

Feeling sorry for everything about ourselves is unacceptable. That’s what I’ve realized when I finally overcome my anxiety and fear of being judge by other people. When in the first place, I’m only being true to myself and those people around me.

Writing this kind of article makes me feel human because it allows me to express what I truly feel inside my chest and head. And it reminds me as well how being real to oneself is a gift from above and should be practice every day.

I’m not sorry for being too emotional.

Watching sad movies, being surprised by my friends and family and hearing good words from others are some of the things that make me cry. I have this ability, I guess, where I can shift my mood from laughing so hard to crying like a baby. I’m not sure how I can do and why I do that. Maybe, that’s how my tears work; they flow whenever they feel like it. However, no matter how I’m such a crybaby look like on other peoples’ views, I don’t see any wrong about it. I’m actually glad that I can show to other people how I truly feel about certain things. It only shows how pure my emotions are.

I’m not sorry for being choosy when making friends.

When I was in college, I had this one professor who gave us a life-changing activity. She asked us to make a circle using our chairs, get a half sheet of paper, write our names on it, fold it into two, and put negative and positive signs on each side. She asked us to write some good and bad things about the names on the paper we’re holding, of course, excluding ourselves. I was surprised when I saw what was written about me. Yet, what truly marked on me was the phrase saying, “choosy when it comes to making friends.” I’ll confirm it; that’s true. I don’t think I should feel sorry about it because I believe that not all the people we’re going to meet should be our friends. Trying to be with people who obviously will not bring any good to us is just a waste of time. Giving each person access to enter our lives isn’t necessary if we know what we truly deserve.  

I’m not sorry for being blunt and sarcastic.

My friends and family love me for my sarcasm. They know that I don’t use a filter when it comes to my words when I’m commenting on any situations or people. Some think that I’m arrogant for telling the truth which I truly disapprove of. If saying nice words to others just to please them even if all of it is lies, do you think it’ll be fair for them? I don’t think so. The world is already too toxic so why would I add more to it by being a liar?

I wish people will realize how not always feeling sorry for who they truly are can make their lives different. Because personally, practicing it has brought me good benefits in the way I live my life by having full confidence in myself.

Thank you so much for reading!


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