Why It’s Best to Shut Up When Angry

I’ll be honest. I’m a short-tempered person. There were no days that I don’t get pissed off, irritated and angry over simple things. My friends and family don’t know why I get annoyed so easily and unfortunately, I, myself, don’t have any idea too why I’m like this.

I used to think that I probably have an issue when it comes to handling my temper. There was a day before where I decided to download an E-book about anger management yet, I didn’t get a chance to read it. I just realized that reading it won’t help me to figure out the answer to why I can’t keep myself from having a sullen mood.

The first thing that I did so I can find out the real reason behind it was I reflected on my past experiences. What made me so mad about during those times? What did the people around think about me when I got furious? What were the results of my reaction over simple matters? All of these questions led me to one answer: learning how to control my emotions is what I need.

Before, the only thing that I think about is how am I going to react to that specific scenario. I had this habit of focusing on stupid stuff, not on the more important details. When people tell stories, even if they’re not yet done talking, my brain was already composing furious responses.

Luckily, my Mom helped me to change that kind of attitude. She gives so much good advice in life that’s why I’m very thankful to her. She told me that it won’t bring any good if I continue having a stubborn mindset. It’ll only attract negative things in my life and she doesn’t want that to happen to me. My Mom asked me to think thoroughly first before I speak. Responding when we’re mad will only make things worst. Counting numbers until I feel relaxed is the first thing she taught me. It was hard at first but I got used to it as the day goes by.

When we’re angry, we tend to speak harshly to people we’re talking. Whether they’re our friends, family, co-workers and some strangers, once the hurtful words let out from our mouth, we can no longer bring back the pain it caused them. Now I’m feeling sorry for those people that I caused troubles and heartaches. I used to have a sharp tongue but now, I’ve learned my lessons.

Thank you so much for reading!


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One thought on “Why It’s Best to Shut Up When Angry

  1. The one thing that bit me in the butt a few years ago at work was allegedly my “tone” when I sent out emails. I would be very direct with how I handled my wording, but I didn’t want to sugar coat, so I was walking a fine line. I ended up putting down for my goal as “clear and respectful communication.” That was a bit off-putting for me because my words were true, but there were other ways of saying it. I don’t regret it, but it was a learning lesson.

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