What Traveling Alone Has Taught Me

Traveling nowadays has been a big deal for most of us. No matter how busy or hectic our schedules are, we always make sure to take some time to have a break and visit different places. Because we’re just human who also gets tired and needs to rest too.

I was 22 when I experienced to travel alone outside my country. Well, I’ve traveled a couple of cities and provinces here in the Philippines but going to a different country is insanely different. The culture, language and people are not what I used to grow up with. And I was so scared thinking that I might not be able to survive to go back home. Haha. Am I exaggerating or are you feeling the same way too when you had your first out of the country trip alone?

As I looked back, I’ve realized that my travel experiences changed me. It has changed me the way I think and see things about life. Being in new places, encountering new cultures, learning new languages and fitting in with the locals have taught me that everything and everyone is unique in its way. This made me see how beautiful the world is and how it’s differences made it more worth to see.

I guess one of the best things about traveling alone is the feeling of excitement and fear it brings us. The adrenaline rush is what I always remember about my travel experiences. I know how careless it would be if we don’t make plans and do research about the country we want to visit. Yet, that’s where the thrill is!

Traveling made me discover how strong I am. It made me overcome my fears and do things independently that I’ve never imagined doing in my entire life. It made me see the highs and lows of life, that some people are fortunate and unlucky.

When this pandemic ends, I’m planning to go on a trip again. I’m planning to go to a place where I can find my inner peace, learn new things, and help me figure out what I want to do with my life.

Thank you so much for reading!


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