25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

As we age, it’s good to get mature on how we see and think about life in general. Each of us may already have faced so many problems and the way we handle things are all different. However, the most important thing about it was the life lessons we have learned. We should realize what we have done wrong and what are the things we need to work on.

It’s only six months away before I turn 26 and before that comes, I want to share with you the 25 things I’ve learned at this age.

1. Don’t waste your time on your phone.

Spending most of our time using our phone is not a productive thing to do. Do something that will make us a much better person.

2. Junk foods are not your friend.

Consuming too much sugar and salt can make us more fat and lazy. So as much as we can, try to avoid it and keep in mind that they’ll not do any good for us.

3. People come and go. Some will stay, some will just pass by your life.

Some people are meant to be in our life just for a short time to give us a hard lesson. And some stay because they are for keeps and they deserve to be part of our life.

4. Some things are easy said than done.

Don’t ask others to do something when we know it’s not that easy to do. We probably might get irritated if we’re in their place too.

5. Investing is better than saving money.

Putting all our money in the bank will just put it into sleep without earning good interest. Learn how to invest in the stock market and other legit businesses that will make our money grow.

6. Doing something you don’t like is just a waste of time.

It’s exhausting to wake up in the morning knowing that we’ll do the same thing that we don’t like over and over again. Take a break from what we’re doing and figure out what we want to do for the rest of our life, something that will make us truly happy.

7. Exercising, drinking lots of water and consuming healthy food will prolong your life more than you can imagine.

We may not realize it now but keeping ourselves in shape as we grow older is important. No matter how busy we are, find time to exercise and keep ourselves hydrated all the time. Watch out what we eat too so we can stay fit and healthy.

8. You can’t keep all your close friends along with your journey.

Our friends have their own lives to deal with too. Let them grow on their own and find their true calling. We can still be a good friend to them by supporting them even if we’re no longer together.

9. Being grateful for what you have is one of the simplest ways to be happy.

Learn to appreciate what we have because some may not that fortunate to have it. The food we eat, the roof over our heads are some of the things we should be grateful for.

10. There will always people who will get jealous of your success no matter how big or small it is.

Avoid people who always get insecure about our achievements. They will never bring us any good.

11. Don’t worry too much about the future, no one knows what’s going to happen anyway.

Live in the present than worry about our future. You can plan for it but try not to be bothered if we can make it all happen. Just enjoy the roller coaster ride of life.

12. Putting minimal makeup can save you from looking older than your age.

Try not to use too much makeup on our faces. We’ll thank ourselves in the future by doing so.

13. Invest in yourself, not on undeserving people.

We only have ourselves. Don’t put all your love to others, leave enough for ourselves because that’s what we deserve. 

14. Let other people share their problems with you but mind your own business.

We can listen to others’ issues but don’t absorb it. We can advise if they ask for it. It’s still better to deal with our problems than others.

15. Don’t wait for the right person to come. Work on making yourself better and let the perfect one wait for you.

The perfect person who truly loves us will be willing to wait no matter how long it will take. But don’t wait for him/her to come but instead, make the best version of ourselves first and let them love the real us.

16. Travel, explore and meet new people. The world is too beautiful not to be appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to go out of our comfort zone. Face our fear and we may be proud of yourself. Being brave can take us to so many places and let us experience great and wonderful things.

17. Don’t brag about your success. Let the results speak for you.

Work silently and let the outcome deliver them our success. We don’t need to prove ourselves to others because some may not give any damn. 

18. Always smile and laugh. Some can no longer do that.

Smiling and laughing can relieve us from stress. Every day is a blessing and be that one of our reasons to be happy. 

19. Remind yourself that it’s okay not to know everything. It only means you have room for new learning.

Don’t belittle ourselves just because we don’t know the answers about everything. We’re human, not a robot. If we don’t know something, then it’s a chance for us to find the answers by learning.

20. Always try to put yourself on other people’s feet. They may be going through hard times.

Let’s be considerate of others. Try to understand that some people can’t handle their problems properly. Let’s learn how to appreciate their efforts and existence in general.

21. Failures and heartbreaks are some ways of heaven telling you you’re in the wrong path and wrong person.

Consider ourselves lucky that we’ve experienced all the hardships in life. It only shows that we deserve much better than we’re trying to settle in. Our career may not become as successful as we thought it would be but it’s fine. We may think that he or she was the right one for us but it didn’t work out, it’s fine too. We’re made for something better, keep that in mind.

22. There’s no perfect timing to learn new skills. Each day that you wake up is an opportunity.

Find time to learn what we’re capable of. Learn new languages, take business courses, do painting, etc. A new day is always a fresh start.

23. No matter what happens, you will always go back to your family.

Whether we failed or succeed in life, our family will always be the one we can rely on and go back to especially during this pandemic.

24. Not getting married and building your own family at this age is absolutely fine.

Probably most of our friends are happily married and already have their babies. But don’t think that we should have our own too. We all have different dreams in life and getting married and bearing a child at this age may not be part of our plans. Maybe in the future, but we’ll never know.

25. 25 is still a young age.

Age 25 is just another number. No one should tell us that we’re already old because it’s not. We are still strong enough to do so many things. Don’t let their words stop us from striving more.

Thank you so much for reading! 


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4 thoughts on “25 Things I’ve Learned at 25

    1. I’m glad you loved it! Learning should never stop while we live. 🙂

      You’re welcome, all the way from the Philippines.

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  1. #6- this sounds fun, however, some people don’t have the luxury to do the things they wanted or passionate about, some people are tied with responsibilities
    #8 – Same. Feels. Relate. Nag-sink in lang din sa’kin to kanina , iba’t iba nga pala tayo ng priorities, nang gustong i-achieve.
    #23- real na real. At the end of the day, sa pamilya ka pa rin babalik.

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