Why It’s Best to Shut People Out (Sometimes)

One of the best ways to keep us positive and happy in life is probably by shutting people out. I know it’s not that easy to do especially if the person we want to get away from is close to our hearts. But for the sake of our well-being, it’s good for us to avoid them instead.

Being always available to people who upset us, bring us negativity whenever we talk to them and never bring us any good in life are some of the signs why it’s best to shut them out completely. Society is already toxic enough so adding more is no longer healthy.

In my experience, shutting people out is easy said than done. It takes me a lot of effort to do it because I tend to overthink on how are they going to react if I no longer reach out to them. But I always prioritize my happiness, the fondness of my heart and the clarity of my mind. I always think that by doing it, I’m saving myself from getting hurt.

1. Because we deserve to live happily.

There’s no 100% that we’ll live happily right away once we cut ties with those negative people in our life. It takes some time to process but what I’m sure of is, it can lessen our worry. With what’s happening around the world these days, what we all need right now is to find more ways to be genuinely happy.

2. Because we don’t need more BS in our life.

I may be dramatic sometimes when my period is about to come but living my life full of dramas is not my thing. I know we all have problems dealing with but spreading it to other people who don’t really give a damn won’t do any solutions to it. Maybe sharing our problems with others sometimes is fine but don’t overdo it. Each of us is trying our best to stay positive especially these days.

3. Because it allows us to leave space for deserving people.

Lastly, shutting people out of our life sometimes can let us give more space to great people that we’re going to meet. How can we even embrace them wholeheartedly if we don’t let the toxic ones out?

It may be difficult to do it at first, but if we build enough courage to shut them out, things will be easier in the long run. We don’t need to feel bad about it because we’re just saving ourselves from trouble.

Thank you so much for reading!


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