Why Do We Have To Lie

Have you ever wonder why people lie? I always ask myself why do we lie when we can all be honest in everything we say and do. I admit that I lied too but most of them were just white lies. But whether it’s a big or small act of dishonesty, it doesn’t matter. The fact that we hide the truth and we didn’t become honest about something, it’s still a lie.

When I was a kid, I once became dishonest to my Mom about the essay that I was claiming I wrote but the truth was, I just copied it to one of my classmates so I would have the assignment to pass that day. When she found out about it she got mad at me. I felt so sorry not only because I disappointed her but also for myself, for being irresponsible with my action and not thought about the consequences I’m about to face.

I asked this question to a couple of people who are close to me and I realized that we all have different opinions about this topic. Some said that they only do that because of good reasons and some just want to protect themselves and others. While others claimed that they do it just for fun and nothing personal. Now I’m thinking, how many times do we people lie in our entire life?

I hate liars. Well, we all do, right? This is not only an issue in relationships but also in other aspects of life. Career, friendship, health and even wealth. Everyone probably already heard the saying ‘honesty is the best policy.’ Yet, it’s still hard to apply in the real world.

Nowadays, some people choose to say untrue words so they can protect themselves. They lie about what they really feel and avoid being vulnerable. I’m aware that I do this sometimes maybe because that’s how my defense mechanism works. But as much as I can, I say what I feel and think over some things because that’s what we are supposed to do.

I hope people will be more aware of how being a liar can affect other people’s trust in us. We may not avoid saying lies to those people we care about because hearing the truth might hurt them, I think it’s just how we say it. Yet, if saying untrue words for the sake of our advantage, it’s better to think first before we open our mouth next time.

Thank you so much for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Why Do We Have To Lie

  1. To further your thoughts:
    If someone lies to you once, does that trust between you and someone ever fully rebuild?
    Do insecurities tie to lying at some level?
    How do you ensure that you’re not punishing another person for someone else’s lies?

    Lies are such a spiderweb of a subject. I could think about this all day.

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    1. Thanks, V for these questions. 🙂

      My answer to your first question is, it depends if that person’s reasons for lying are valid or not. In the second one, I don’t think so. Being insecure with someone tends to bring out honesty within us. Or should I say, being frank or sarcastic? And for the last question, I think it’s best to avoid getting involved with someone else’s issue especially if it roots from dishonesty.


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