Don’t Give A Damn

Since when I was a kid, my Mom taught me not to care about what other people are going to say about me. That I shouldn’t allow people to give me validation and I shouldn’t ask for it as well. And that’s when I started to master the art of not giving a damn.

Giving other people the right to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do, what to wear and not to wear, who to love and not to love and other different things that we should only be the one to decide, isn’t how living our life should works. It’s about being confident with our own choices, how we choose to live, and what kind of people we prefer to deal with.

When we start learning not to give any care about everything, life would be worry-free. We’ll find more peace, become more grateful for everything we have, and make our dreams turn into reality even if others keep on telling us that we can never do it.

In my own experience, if we don’t filter the words we listen to and the people we meet, there will be a big chance that even the negative ones will affect us. There will be days that even if we wake up so optimistic and we encounter negative people with negative mindsets, we’ll surely end our day being pessimistic.

I wish people will be more aware of how giving a damn about everything around us especially those things that just bring trouble will never give us genuine happiness and contentment. The way we want to live our lives should not depend on what society dictates us, it should start with the way we think.

Thank you so much for reading!


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