Time Flies so Fast

It’s already half of the year and time flies so fast. I’m too busy to take a minute to look in the calendar and see what day is it. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s necessary because most of my routine is just the same. But I realized that it’s good too to track what day are we so I can figure out if I do what I need to do based on my journal and to-do lists.

For the past five months, I can say that a lot of things happened to me. Some were great, some were not but it’s okay. Just what I believe in, everything happens for a reason. My Mom always reminds me that life is like a wheel where we can’t be on top all the time and experiencing failure is inevitable.

My first month of the year 2020 surprised me with so many changes. It made me so overwhelmed that I didn’t know what I should think and do first. There were some days that I don’t feel like getting up from my bed because thinking about all the things I need to do makes me already tired. However, it didn’t stop me to continue achieving my goals. I shifted my focus on more productive things than the unimportant ones.

In February, the same things went. I was still trying to be positive with everything that I do. I felt that I was so blessed to have all the great people in my life although there were some days that I felt so tired. Overthinking things was trying to fight me back but still, my optimistic side wins. Little by little, I can tell that I made some progress when it comes to reaching my goals. Probably because I didn’t stop encouraging other people even if I know to myself I needed one too.

The month of March came and I can say that things went well. My passion for writing was coming back again and my frustration was becoming lessen every single day that I spent updating on my journal. I think that I just needed a little push from others because I tend to procrastinate a lot! That’s one of the bad habits that I want to let go of before this year ends.

Same goes for the fourth month, April, I procrastinated most of the time because I can’t find some inspirations to continue with what were I was doing! My insecurities hit me so hard too that some nights made me cry without any specific reasons. So I spent my days reading, journaling and playing with my pet dogs. I distracted myself so overthinking won’t haunt me again.

May, the fifth month on the calendar and just ended its last day yesterday was probably the highlight so far of my year 2020. I said that because slowly, my fear of uncertainty, overthinking and insecurities fade away. It was a relief for me because I can already focus on reaching my goals without any worry in my heart. I owe all of these to my family, friends and loved ones who never left my side when things were tough. I’m so blessed and thankful to have them because they were there along my journey. They were the reasons why I do good now in everything that I do. Hopefully, the couple of months left in the calendar for this year won’t disappoint me. But whatever happens, I know that everything will be alright.

Happy 1st of June to all of us and I wish we can all spend the remaining months full of positivity and inspiration in everything that we do in life.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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