Love is Like a Plant

I’ve been busy lately helping my Mom working on the garden. I had to plough the soil, remove grasses, and plant some seeds. When I was putting the seeds on the soil, I was talking to it as if it’s a person asking to grow soon. My Mom told me that I have to leave it for three days in a not so much hot place and without any water. So, I waited patiently. After three days of waiting, I was so disappointed seeing without any plant sprouting from it. I left it and decided to ignore it instead.

However, after two weeks since that day, while I was watering some of the plants and vegetables in our garden, I was surprised to see the seeds sprouting! I didn’t expect that it’ll still grow since I no longer look after it.

Because of this experience, I had so many realizations about the seeds I planted that made me connect it to love. It is some kind the same as the feeling that we give to other people. Because when we fall in love, we tend to feel excited about what’s going happen just like when I planted the seeds. By the time we’re already giving it to others, giving patience and effort is what we’re going to do. The same when I have to wait for a couple of days to make it grow. Yet, if we easily get disappointed just like when I found the seeds not sprouting, then giving up is the last thing we can think of.

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Being in love gives us a happy feeling but it’s not always about being joyful every single day. As I’ve mentioned, it requires patience, attention, and effort. We have to take care of it along with the person we love. It’s not a thing that we can just let it grow on its own. It’ll test our loyalty and faithfulness while we’re in love which is really hard to do nowadays.

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