What Is Your Definition Of Success?

How do we define a successful life? Does it have something to do with our position in the company? Having an enormous amount of money in the bank? Or being recognized with so many people?

I always wonder what does success truly means to me. Sometimes, I define it as having all the good things in this world and some days make me think that it’s being comfortable with what I have. It made me realized that its meaning can be changed whenever I feel like to. Yet, I’m unsure of it so I asked a couple of people who are close to me the same question.

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They said that it’s about being happy seeing people we care about happy. Some define it as achieving our personal goals and others see it as having a perfect married life. These answers made me smile and came up with the idea that the true meaning of success for me.

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Success is about being able to share with other people what we have. It may be our skills, knowledge, or blessings. It’s about making good small changes yet a big impact to others. Success is also about loving what we do instead of complaining about it. It’s about being able to smile every time we wake up because we know that there are other goals we can achieve that can add up to our success. And going to bed with peace of mind is another definition of it.

No matter what success means to us, it should always have something to do with fulfilling our self-satisfaction and being able to influence others in good ways.

Thank you so much for reading!

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