Value What You Have Before It’s Too Late

We probably all have regrets in our lives. It may be in terms of relationships, family, friends, career and even material things. Sometimes, I wonder why we can only see the value of something when we already lost it. It’s a funny thought yet we all need to understand that we should not take things, opportunities and people for granted.

My SO once told me this line before when we had a deep conversation about certain topics. It’s seldom to meet this kind of person who I can talk to about so many things and I can say that I’m lucky to have him.

I don’t know why we always get the lesson or realization about something when it’s already gone. Why can’t we learn it along the way or in the beginning? I guess that’s how it works; we need to lose something or someone first before we get the hard lessons. Life is sometimes unfair.

Once, one of my former colleagues told me that she lost her mom without her even saying sorry after they fought. She said that it’ll be the biggest regret of her because she can no longer turn back time and tell her mom how much she loves her and she was sorry for everything. This kind of story always moved me and made me realized how fortunate I am to be able to spend more days of my life with the people I care about.

I don’t why we tend to look for more instead of being content with what we already have. We imagine perfect images in our mind and try to look for it when in reality, perfection isn’t what we all need, it’s just what we want. Looking for more than appreciating what we already have will never bring us genuine happiness.

In my opinion, it’s better to be grateful for all the things that we possess rather than complain about not being able to experience what we want to have. We have what we have because we deserve them and they’re meant to be enjoyed.

Thank you so much for reading!


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