Looking Back In My Past

Looking back on my memory lane and reminiscing all the good and bad things that happen in my life makes me more appreciate the present. Sometimes it’s best to look back and tell ourselves that things in the past happened because they were meant to.

I can still remember when I was a kid how simple yet happy and contented our family was. We eat, laugh and support each other as any other families do. But things have slowly changed. Our family has struggled financially and this is one of the reasons why I value what I earned today. Every cent is important for me because I already experienced not have one.

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My Mom keeps on reminding me that things have happened in the past because it has something to do in the future. It will bring me lessons that I can use when the right time comes. And yes, like any other mother, she’s right.

The experiences that I had in the past made me stronger and more independent. When I was in high school, my parents left me and my siblings to a relative because they needed to. Good thing, my Mom taught us doing household chores so it was a bit easy for us to adjust. But still, being away from our parents at a young age was hard. We didn’t imagine that kind of thing would happen yet, I’m thankful for it because it brought me so many positive changes in my life. I figured out that even the people who love us are willing to sacrifice everything even if it means being away from us just to see us comfortable.

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My college years were one of the memories that I wouldn’t forget in my entire life. Those days made me more realized so many things. I had to experience to cry because of a failing grade which I never had before. I’m not that smart but I know giving effort can do. That situation taught me that no matter how hard we try if something wants us to teach a lesson, it’ll still end unwell.

One of the best lessons that bring a smile on my face every time I thought of it was about trusting people too much. I admit that I easily give my trust to other people even to strangers. It sounds stupid, yes, but things have changed when I finally have had enough. I figured out that being nice but cautious and giving trust right away have big differences. The people in my past taught me a hard lesson that sometimes, I wonder if I already have a trust issue or not. I guess that’s how it works; when we got affected so much, we ended up being afraid that it may happen again.

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We all have different experiences in the past and some of you may no longer want to remember it but I think it can help us see how things will not be the same as we are in the present if it all didn’t happen. Our pasts are already part of us that what made us what we are today.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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