It’s Never Too Late

While I’m in a hermit mode, I spend more time thinking about many things lately. One of those is about doing some things that I still haven’t experience. Some of you might already have a lot of stories of adventures to tell and I’m happy for you! Although sometimes, I feel like I’m way too left behind, it has still doesn’t stop me from being glad for others’ success and achievement especially if its the people I care about.

We all have different goals and timetable when do we want to achieve those dreams. This idea made me believe that I can do so many things even if others think it’s way too late for me to make it. These people probably have their doubts and already gave up on reaching their own goals because they thought that the right time has passed.

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As I grew up, my Mom never failed to remind us that others’ success didn’t happen overnight. If we want to have a good grade, we need to study hard. If we want to have a nice house, then work hard. The same when we want to be our own boss, then earn, save and invest.

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I know a lot of people who started late in getting their degrees. I read so many success stories as well proving that it’s never really too late to make our dreams happen. I saw one post about two grandmas who attended a rock concert from their nursing home. It was a funny story, yes, but it’s inspiring too. I, myself, wanted so badly to try skydiving. This isn’t good timing to do that because of what’s happening to the world right now but I’ll make sure to try it soon.

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I supposed the right timing is what we all need and even when things don’t work out today, then maybe tomorrow, or the next day, it will. We just need to have a little faith, hard work and confidence.

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Thank you so much for reading!

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