We Should All Be Grateful No Matter What

Being envious of other people’s success can be draining to oneself. We tend to lose our focus on what we like to do, shift to others’ achievements and try to reach them and worst, be like them. And without realizing it, we’re already lost, stress and unhappy in our own lives.

Focusing on the things that we don’t have will put us in the deep hole of insecurities. We’ll get a lack of confidence and motivation to be the best version of ourselves. I felt all of those things that I’ve stated. I got stuck because I want to get what other people have instead of appreciating what I already have. Well, I know it’s not that bad to look at others’ accomplishments only if we’ll make them as our inspiration to strive and work hard more. Not to make ourselves feel bad because they’re living the life we want to have for ourselves too.

When people asked what state was I before, like, do I have a job, can I travel or if I have a boyfriend, I tend to get irritated and make scowled face. I don’t know what made me feel that way but it came to my mind that I had lots of insecurities about myself. I made a comparison to me and my friends’ lives which brought me on a very dark side of life, got desperate and felt lonely in the long run. It was the very down moments of my entire existence yet, I’m still happy I experienced all of those things because, without it, I won’t be able to discover my true passion and purpose.

I started to bring back my old yet good habits. I read books, sketch and draw random things. And I even took the chance to learn new things like cooking some dishes (I’m not yet a good cook) and make some handicrafts. I spent most of my time catching up with my siblings and talking to my Mom about everything which I wasn’t able to do back then because I was too busy trying to be someone I am not. My friends were so curious about what was I up to because I cut off my communication with them and focused on making myself better. I was glad they understood my situation and gave me the space I needed.

What I’ve been through was not an easy phase but, just like what I said, I’m glad it happened. Because it made me see and cherish more the things that I have. My family who always support me, my close friends who are just one message away, as well as the roof over my head, food that I eat and having complete body parts, is such a true blessing that I should be grateful for.

So if you’re still looking for the things that you don’t have, why not try to cherish what you have first and for sure, you’ll be happy and contented too just like me.

Thank you so much for reading! 


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