Why Does It Hurt Losing Someone You Love?

I always believe that living in this world also means departing too. Life isn’t just all about rejoicing but also enduring pain throughout our existence. As you all know, surviving in this world can be a little tough sometimes. However, you have to find ways how to make your life worthy and joyful. Bad things like losing people happen and it’s normal. All you have to do is learn to accept and move on and slowly, you’ll realize how many months or years have already passed.

Before my Dad passed away, the closest death of a family member I experienced was my grandmother, my Mom’s mom. I got sad but not as lonely as I had felt when my Dad died. Maybe because it was unexpected, unlike my grandma’s death. If someone’s going to ask me to describe or explain what did I felt that night, I can’t. I felt that my brain, stomach and heart stopped functioning. It was unexplainable.

Why does it hurt so much when someone you love died? Why do you need to feel grief when we can feel numb instead? Is there any way for you to avoid feeling devastated when someone passed away? Will you able to stand up again and start your life without them by your side? These are some of the questions you’re probably curious about to know the answer to. Let me tell you. Losing someone who’s part of your life is painful especially if you know them too well or you’ve lived almost half of your life with them. You feel that way because you have shared so many memories. You spend most of your time enjoying with them and you’ve never thought that it won’t end. You expect that you’ll be with them forever and you didn’t realize that death exists. It’s terrifying when you talk about it but it’s the truth. You can’t avoid it and even the people you have in your life. All you can do is to live life to the fullest and enjoy it with them while it lasts.

Thank you so much for reading!


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4 thoughts on “Why Does It Hurt Losing Someone You Love?

    1. Aww. ❤❤ Thank you! I honestly don’t feel confident about how I write my posts most of the time and I’m so happy that some people like you find it good. 😊


    1. Thank you, Kareem! 😊 I’m so glad you appreciate my post. Feel free to check out my other posts too. ❤


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