Why It Feels Much Better to Open Up to Strangers Sometimes

I’m not really good at starting a conversation with strangers. However, there are some times in my life where I just found myself talking to someone I really don’t know. I hate small talks but when the topic is interesting to discuss, I’ll go for it.

There are some things that I’m not that confident to talk about with my family and friends. I don’t like to end my day without answering the questions inside my head because it will make me hard to get some sleep. So for me to release all of my curiosity, I ended up talking to strangers instead.

It feels much better to open up to strangers about everything because I know that they won’t judge me. I can be vulnerable and just let my emotions go freely without being afraid that they might think I’m being too dramatic, overreacting or whatever that my family and friends will surely think about me. I can complain about the weather, the long lines in the supermarket, how bad the food tastes and so on and so forth.

I realized as well that talking to strangers can lead me to the truest answers I want to hear. Unlike when I ask some closest people in my life, there’s a tendency that they’ll sugarcoat everything or say what they think I want to hear just to make me feel better. I don’t like that. I prefer to speak to some people who are blunt and don’t hold back to what they think is right or wrong.

When I talk to strangers, there’s a tendency as well that I learn new things from them. Everyone has different opinions, ideas and perspectives in life. I want to broaden my mind by hearing other people’s thoughts and I can never do that when I just surround myself with people I’m close with.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Why It Feels Much Better to Open Up to Strangers Sometimes

  1. I totally relate to feeling better communicating to strangers sometimes. For some reason, I feel less awkward talking to strangers than to my close friends and relatives. Thanks for sharing this!

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