Signs That Long-Distance Relationship Is Not For You

Dating someone who is near me isn’t my type. Maybe because I’m the kind of person who loves her own space and doesn’t want to have someone to look after her. I prefer to do my own thing without asking someone’s permission just because we’re together. The idea of being far away from someone that I love makes me feel stronger, independent and it tests my level of trust in my significant other and in myself too.

I’m currently in a long-distance relationship and I can say that this one is the longest time I’ve been with the person I don’t see every day. We’re both not really sure if this will work at first because we’re over 7,000 miles away from each other. The times that we do video and voice calls are limited too since we’re on different timezones so it means when he’s awake, I’m sleeping and vice versa. One of us needs to make adjustments from time to time without being inconvenient to each other.

They say that being in this kind of relationship isn’t for everyone and it’s absolutely true. If it’s your first time being away together, make sure to watch out for the signs if it will work or not.

You easily get jealous. 

If you’re the kind of person who gets jealous easily of your significant other, then this is not for you. It’s normal, yes, but if it is the reason why you argue all the time, then it’s not. It can be exhausting for both of you if you always make simple things a big deal. Personally, when I don’t feel okay about what I see or hear about my significant other, I talk to him instead of assuming that he’s doing wrong behind my back.

You don’t like the idea of talking over the phone.

The idea of always seeing each other over the weekend is out of the picture when you get in this kind of relationship. Your ideal dates like going out to see a movie or trying the new restaurant around your place will be replaced by talking through video calls. I’m glad that my significant other is a good texter and constantly checking his phone so we don’t really feel that we’re too far away from each other because we keep each other updated.

You have trust issues. 

Giving trust to your partner isn’t easy especially if you don’t see what they’re up to. Being paranoid about what they’re doing while you’re away will ruin your good relationship. My advice to this is to keep yourself busy. I tend to spend time alone without doing anything which always leads me to overthink and get bored. So I decided to keep myself occupied all the time while he’s also busy doing his own thing.

You feel very lonely.

When you keep on constantly reminding yourself that you’re alone because your significant other is not around, then the long-distance relationship is not for you. Don’t focus on the idea of not being together with your partner but instead spend time with your friends and family. This is the best time to know yourself too. Growing on your own without relying on your partner will make you value his or her presence in the future.

Thank you so much for reading!


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3 thoughts on “Signs That Long-Distance Relationship Is Not For You

  1. Totally agree about LDRs giving you more space and time to grow as a person, at least in the early stages of a relationship 🙂
    I dated long-distance throughout my 20s and there are definitely some advantages to it. I actually think a time zone difference can have some good things about it too – it gives a structure to things and it really forces you to get creative with how you communicate!

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