Tips on How to Control Your Anger

Controlling our anger takes a lot of effort especially when we are in some situations that we cannot handle too. I as well are struggling to control my emotion when I get mad about something or to someone. Sometimes, I say things that I don’t really mean because my anger tends to overpower me which is unhealthy.

When I realized that my irrational anger is starting to hurt my friends, family and loved one, finding a way to resolve my issue is what I did. It’s hard to admit to myself that I have a problem but it didn’t stop me to change myself for the better.

Here some of the things that I do to control my anger and hopefully, this can help you too.

1. Relax and take a breather.

When we get mad, our heartbeats rise, our facial expressions change and our minds are starting to construct pointless words to say and inappropriate actions to do. To avoid getting into trouble, let’s take a deep breath until we feel no tension in our chest and do it until we feel relax.

2. Do stretching and exercise. 

Doing exercise and stretching three to four times a week helps me a lot when it comes to controlling my anger. It allows me to have peace of mind and stay positive. And at the same time, it relaxes our muscles and relieves our stress which helps us to resist getting angry.

3. Listen to music and laugh. 

Listening to music can lighten up our mood. Sometimes, they remind us of the good memories and make us forget about our problems and even our anger. Isn’t it nice?

The same idea when we laugh. Is there anyone we know who laugh because they’re sad or angry? No one, right? Finding ways that will make us laugh our hearts and happy out can help us control our anger and even forget about it.

4. Write a letter and talk to a friend. 

When I write something, either it’s here on my blog, an email, or in my journal, it gives me time to think about what makes me angry and things that I can do on how can I deal with it. It’s the best way to let out our bitterness without hurting anybody or doing regretful things. Yet, if you’re not the kind of person who’s not really into writing, talking to a friend might help you.

Find someone who you can trust and supportive enough to handle your emotion. They might give you some advice on how you can deal with your anger issues in some positive ways.

5. Practice empathy and gratitude. 

We tend to focus on ourselves when we get angry. Instead of doing that, why don’t we try to put ourselves on other people’s shoes and see what they see from their perspectives? We will never know, they might have a better idea of how to handle things and forget about being angry.

Apart from that, being grateful for better things than being angry for small and useless reasons is a good thought to think. This can help us shift our mood from stubborn to optimistic knowing that there so many good things we have than the bad ones.

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Thank you so much for reading!

2 thoughts on “Tips on How to Control Your Anger

  1. Some great tips here! Whenever I feel myself getting angry I tend to take a step back and really let myself cool down before reacting. We react so quickly when we are filled with anger and end up saying and doing things we will regret, so I always make sure I take a step back if I feel myself getting like that!
    Thanks for sharing these tops with us!

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