The Value of Appreciating Others

It feels good to be appreciated by other people knowing that they value our work and effort to serve them. Hearing good words from those people we love and even strangers can affect us positively and boost our confidence within ourselves.

Lifting each other in times like this is always one of the best things that we can do. Kind words are a necessity that we should hear all the time. Although most of us don’t know how to genuinely do this, it takes time to be real with the words we say to others. Think about what we are going to feel if we hear such nice, appreciative words from others. Doing this is the first step to see and tell them how we appreciate their existence and role in our lives and society as well.

I don’t understand why it’s easier for us to notice the wrongdoings of other people than their good qualities. Our judgemental sides are what we always highlighted rather than taking time to find the unique things about them. I can honestly say that I’m judgmental but I always make sure to find the things that other people seem interesting. This kind of personality is what gains me more friends and I love it.

Let us keep in mind that all things should not always be about us. Sometimes, we have to recognize other people’s efforts, achievements, things they love to do, and what makes them happy. Even the little things they did for us and to other people is another way of appreciating them.

Remember, sharing and spending our lives here on earth is much better with people who make us feel good about ourselves and motivate us. The best life to live is having good relationships with the people around us and what that’s what life truly means. 

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