Let’s Talk About Some Serious Stuff

I hate talking about politics and religions because I’m aware that everyone has something to say and willing to end up with arguments about it. But my today’s post is not exactly about those two things. This is about what this pandemic brought to the world, how it makes me more afraid than I am before and its capability to change people, either get worst or get better.

Listening and watching the news isn’t part of my daily routine but my Mom’s so there’s no way for me not to know what’s happening with the world right now. As I typed this, I’m also listening to an AM radio station. The most recent news that bothers me a lot is about the vaccine that Russia has developed. Part of me is honestly glad that finally, one country has already found a way to control the spread of the coronavirus-19. Yet, another part of me is worried that what happened before to my beloved country, the Philippines, concerning vaccines may happen again.

As you may know, the Philippines had a record of multiple numbers of death of children in 2018 because of Dengvaxia, a dengue vaccine made by French drug-based. This vaccine was what some medical experts suspected that caused complications and death to children that have been injected for immunization program in 2016. What I don’t understand is that, how can the Philippines’ Department of Health officials didn’t do their work properly and wasted $67 million in exchange for the lives of some lovely children?

On 2017, the company who made the Dengvaxia announced that their findings have been finalized, saying that the vaccine should only be allowed to be given to those people who have been exposed to the dengue virus before. This statement brought terror to those parents who let their kids have the immunisation in 2016 and no one could blame them.

Now, Russia and the Philippines agreed to do the third stage of the trial of vaccines on each others’ citizens. They called it Sputnik 5 in line with the history of Russia’s space triumph. Although Russia’s leader told the media that his two daughters have been injected with the vaccine, I’m still not convinced that it’s safe. Unless they are already done with all the stages that the World Health Organization required to pass because if not, it can cause chaos and undermining the trust of people to vaccinations.

What I’m planning to do now is to just wait and see how this experiment will go and just cross my fingers wishing that it will end successfully. I don’t want to hear more sobbing of people begging the government to bring their families back and give them the right justice they deserve.

Thank you so much for reading!


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