Why Goodbyes Are Considered As Blessings

They say that when we lost something, something better is coming and I believe in this. Life is like reading a book where we need to move to the next page or chapter to see what’s coming next rather than stay on where we are now. And the moment we have finally moved on, we will suddenly realize how goodbyes are truly blessings in disguise.

Saying our farewells to our friends, family or significant others are one of the bravest things that we will do in our lives. I guess it’s part of being a human where we don’t stay but leave. Some of us may think that “goodbye” is a bad word when in fact, the opposite is what it is. Goodbye is another word for “thank you.”

Our goodbyes are what make us strong and mature which are necessary to live in this world. It’s a reminder that the memories we created with the people we love were all important. We may not notice it when we are still with them because we enjoy every moment we share. Yet, when it’s about time to say the word, all of those things will be left behind and it’s totally fine.

Goodbyes are not only for people who left but also to all the opportunities we thought were good for us. Some of the things we want to do today will not work for us in the future. I figured out that in life, no matter how comfortable we are right now, we shouldn’t stop with that but instead, let’s seek what will make us genuinely happy for the rest of our lives.

Goodbyes will make us appreciate what we have today, regret what we have taken for granted and embrace what is coming for us. It will bring us so many life lessons and it will definitely change us forever.

Thank you so much for reading!


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