Things You Do That Harm Your Self Without Realizing It

There are so many things we keep on doing that we don’t realize how destructive it can be to ourselves. Sometimes, we neglect and even ignore those signs saying that we shouldn’t do it but we still continue doing it because we thought we don’t have other options.

Based on my own experience, I can say that I almost lose my true self because of the wrong things I did in the past. My mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual health was put at risk back then. I felt so down and devastated those days that I even can no longer remember who I really am and what I truly want in my life.

This post is the result of my deep thinking and self-reflecting about what kind of person I was and I am today. I hope you’ll find this inspiring and helpful at the same time.

So here is my list.

Complaining and blaming ourselves

We have to remember that we can’t control everything that has happened and happening around us. The hurdles we face are part of life and instead of feeling sorry about ourselves, let’s just focus on much better things. It’s exhausting to complain about everything and it will just drain our energy and waste our time which we can use to other productive things.

Running from your problems

Facing our problems is one of the bravest things that we have to do in life. We all know that it’s not always easy but if we keep on stalling them and try to move on, there will come a time that it will be back again and haunt us. So, let’s deal with it right away even if it will take us long to solve it because they are made to be solved, not to be ignored or run away from.

Holding on to the past

If we keep on holding on to our pasts, we will never go to where we need to be. We can never go back and change it so the best thing that we can do is focus on the present and look forward to the future which will definitely, can bring us to better things.

Worrying too much

It’s normal to worry about certain things but if it’s starting to affect our everyday living, then it’s a problem. Apart from thinking about the things that we’re not sure it’s going to happen or not, let’s prioritize the things that we have control of. Worrying doesn’t bring any solution to our problems but it can surely create new ones.

Being ungrateful

Some of us don’t know how to appreciate the good things that are existing but always look for something that we don’t have. We don’t realize that some are struggling to get what we have while we, complain and don’t learn how to be contented. To live a happy life, start by being thankful for every morning that we wake up and think of the things that we should be grateful for.

Pleasing other people

It’s hard to do something that we are unwilling to do just because we want to please the people around us. We shouldn’t let others dictate what we should do and let’s start doing what makes us truly happy. Because if we continue doing it, we’re becoming selfish to ourselves and it can take us away to much better things ahead of us.

Competing with others

Trying to win over with someone is just a waste of time. We don’t need to prove to anybody that we are better than them because we all have different abilities, talents and skills. There are some things that we don’t know that others know and vice versa. It’s still best to make improvements in ourselves because we believe that it can help us to be better people.

Lying to yourself

Being true to ourselves is really important because it brings us peace of mind. We will be much happier and relax thinking that we are who we are and we don’t need to hide something to ourselves and to others too. Honesty can lead us to a decent life.

Thank you so much for reading!


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One thought on “Things You Do That Harm Your Self Without Realizing It

  1. As a people pleaser, I find myself trying to cater to others, often at the expense of my feelings. It really does harm my self-worth, and is something I’m constantly trying to work on. Thanks for sharing this great article!

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