Better Things I Look Forward This Coming Ber Months

Ber months are just around the corner and I haven’t noticed how hours, days, weeks and months fly so fast! These months are so big deal for Filipinos like me because this is the time where we are already getting ready for Christmas Day. The Philippines has the world’s longest Christmas celebration and I’m not really sure how and when this has started but I’m glad I grew up with it.

I know a lot of bad things had happened to me, my family and to the world since from the beginning and until today of this year. However, I won’t let those things discourage me and ruin the good things that I should be looking forward to the rest of my remaining months of the year 2020.

The month of September is my Mom’s birth month. Since last week, I’ve been thinking about what gift should I give to her. She’s not materialistic and she appreciates anything. But it annoys me sometimes that she doesn’t use the things that we give to her like the bag that my eldest sister gave to her on her last year’s birthday. It’s just sitting in her closet, probably it has already spider web on it.

This morning, I already figured out what I wanted to give to her as a gift; a watch. I know how she values her time and I can no longer remember when was the last time she wore one so, I think it’s the perfect present that she can have for this year.

There’s nothing so much about October. But still, this is the best month for me to prepare for the next remaining months of this year. I’ll clean the whole house and put some decorations on it. I bet I get this habit to my Mom who loves to arrange things and never get contented until I see the result of my imaginations.

November is the birth month of my eldest sister. She’s turning 28 years old this year and I don’t know if I should give her a gift or not. I just thought that she can buy the things she wants using her own money. Maybe I’ll just help her prepare for her birthday celebration and see what else I can do for her on her special day.

Hooray! The last month of the year is December which is me and my elder sister’s birth month. She’s the first one to celebrate and then me. In our family, I’m the last one who celebrates birthdays and it’s fine. I actually find my date of birth special because it’s the day before Night Mass starts. It’s nine days masses as part of the Christmas celebration too. This may sound weird but I tend to forget about my birthday because since I no longer celebrate it like others do since when I was 14 years old. So, Night Mass is my reminder if I already got old a year or not.

Thank you so much for reading!


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