A Little Push Will Do

I woke up this morning with my SO’s text message telling me that he’s starting to hate his job. That was the first time that he complained about it because every time I ask him about his day at work, he always says it’s fine. I don’t know if it’s bad for me to feel this way but I’m actually glad that he can rant on me about something because it makes me feel like he’s comfortable telling me about what he feels about anything.

When it comes to motivating and saying encouraging words, I can tell that I’m great with it. Giving advice to other people allows me to express my thoughts about certain things like what my SO shared with me. We all need a little push sometimes when we start to get discouraged or stress with what we do. Doing something for the first time brings us thrill in a good way and we feel that getting bored or tired with it is out of our sights. It’s inevitable; we all get fed up too over the things we love to do but totally giving up on it is not our last option.

Saying things that can make other people stay positive and happy despite the person is going through can make them feel hopeful. The same idea when we hear something nice and that ‘everything will be alright’ kind of lines, we also feel optimistic that things will turn out well even just for a moment. I also feel the same way especially when I don’t get the result that I want to get. Being impatient is one of my weaknesses that’s why I also ask for some advice from the good people in my life like my Mom, sister and some close friends.

We’re allowed to feel exhausted from time to time in doing things we always do but we shouldn’t stop. I always believe that we can take a rest for a bit and asking some help from others can also be helpful. Then go back again to where we stop and finish what we’ve started because that’s what we love to do from the start!

Thank you so much for reading!


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