Tiring But Productive Days of Mine

Four days of being outside and less time on my phone were some of the days that I wish to do all the time. But I’m also a human, like everybody else, who also gets tired and needs rest too. I can still feel right now the pain in my muscles because of too much effort I did these past few days.

As much as I try to update and write something for my readers, I no longer have enough energy to do so since I always feel exhausted at night. I have no other option but to read a few minutes and then go to sleep.

I was busy helping my Mom cleaning the garden and arranging some of the plants so it will look more pleasant to look at, then we did some repaint here at home. I just get along with my Mom’s hobby and try to keep up with her very high energy even if she’s already in her 60’s.

Is it going to be confusing if I told you that I’m preparing for dinner while I’m typing this post? I’m actually using my phone for a month now to update because my laptop got broken. But I’ll have it again this week since it’s already fixed. Don’t feel sorry for me now. Haha.

Aside from spending time with my Mom, I also had a time catching up with my friends. I chatted with them and had a video call too. Then I learned how to make smoothies too which is a very nice thing to do in times like this where some prefer to eat unhealthy food.

I even had a chance to organize my journal and finances. I admit that I’d spent more money these days so I did my best to go back to my frugal side. Add to cart option never helped me with it and avoiding touching my phone when I got bored was what I just did.

Right now, I’m lying on a couch, waiting for my sister and my Mom to finish what they are doing so we can eat dinner now. I’m about to end this post now but I’m still thinking what else should I add more. I think that’s it.

Thank you so much for reading!


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