Why Do We Easily Get Bored?

I used to always say “I’m bored” whether I’m doing something or not. Some of you may be experiencing the same thing too. But have you ever thought as well why do we feel that way in some days of our lives? Did you also ask yourselves what are the reasons behind all of it? If you are, then continue reading.

Most of my experience of boredom roots from my daily routines. There’s no way I can avoid all my tasks in a day because it’s necessary for me to do and finish all of it. Boredom made me feel miserable and irritated most of the time because I was not used to repetitive work and don’t get any improvements. That’s why, I took some time to make my research why do we easily feel bored all the time.

Here’s what I found out:

1. We always do the same thing.

Just what I have mentioned, we easily get bored when we do the same thing over and over again without any twists on it every single day. We do the exact strategy, method and get the same results too. Isn’t it exhausting? Same thing when we go to work, for instance. We ride from the exact same train station, work with the same people, eat with the same meal until we get home, we do the same old ways.

2. What we do is not for us.

When we do something we don’t really like but we have to is one of the main reasons why we easily get bored. Let’s say, you always wanted to become a painter but ended up being a musician. They’re both different things but still connected with arts. You’re probably out of your mind when you did that decision because probably, you think that being a musician makes better money than being a painter. We’re all being practical when it comes to financing issues but let’s expect that it’ll not be easy in the long run. Boredom is just around the corner, waiting for us to get fed up with what we think we like to do.

3. We don’t get any benefits from what we do.

Lastly, doing insistent things will always lead us to the same exact outcome too and worst, no other improvements. Have you did something you don’t like but had positive results other than what you’ve expected? If yes, then it probably took you so much effort to do that.

Thank you so much for reading!


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