Is Lying Different From Not Telling?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this question these past few days and it bothers me in a good kind of way. Reasoning with my thoughts exercises my brain and it also allows me to think much broader aspects. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves to others about something and knowing your thoughts about this topic will make me more understand how it works.

I had this experience where I told to this person that he lied to me but what really happened was he didn’t tell me about it in the first place, I just found out about it myself. I don’t know why the word ‘lie‘ came up to my mind first instead of the word ‘tell.’ When he told me that lying is different from not telling, I felt that sting on my chest and realised that he had a point. However, how can it be different when in the end, not telling and lying will have the same result to others like hurting them emotionally?

Some things are necessary to tell someone especially if you know that there will be a day that they’ll still found out about it too, whether you tell them or not. Yet, I still don’t understand why we tend to keep things to someone when the person has the right to know about it? Telling them about it can make a lot of difference from telling about it and worst, lying about it. At least, if we tell them, we can talk about it, hear each other’s explanation and give solutions. And obviously, telling lies will be a different story, whatever our intentions behind it, good or bad, it’s still a lie and it’s wrong.

The main point here is, we all have the time in the world to tell them what needs to be said. We should stop waiting for the right moment or what others say, “right timing” because we’ll never know when it’s already too late or not.

I admit that I feel so relieved right now since I finally have a chance to release my thoughts about this matter. Some of you might think that I can always write something about it but it’s really hard for me to put all my ideas into words when I’m not in a mood. My emotion is connected to my brain when I write that’s why.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Is Lying Different From Not Telling?

  1. Not telling the truth is not lying . Both could be regarded as forms of deception. Before telling anyone the truth, I first ask my self If that person can handle the truth. I try to give cues, go indirectly so the message can be deciphered. I once went direct and everything got worse. Some people do not want to here the truth. They only want me to reinforce what they think .

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