Pasta For The First Time

Yesterday, we celebrated my Mom’s 64th birthday. We were supposed to do it this coming weekend instead since she has work and usually gets home around 3 in the afternoon. However, since me and my sister are just working from home, we decided to drop by at the market after eating lunch to buy ingredients for the pasta dish I was planning to cook this week. We were still undecided since I’m not a good cook and it was my first time making this recipe that I just saw on YouTube.

I took a risk and made this dish and honestly, it tasted better than it looked like in this picture. Haha. There’s actually a reason behind this dish that’s why I chose to try to cook it. It was for health benefit and with my Mom’s age, I always want to make sure that she consumes the food that will not put her health in danger.

This dish is called Buttered Garlic and Tomato Pasta. There are no other ingredients in this dish aside from butter, garlic, tomato and pasta. This is best for the people who are ‘not-that-good’ cook or first-timers in the kitchen like me. Most of the pasta dishes I’ve seen online have meats on it, chicken, beef and pork. We’ve already tried cooking pasta with tuna so this was new for the three of us.

We also bought a cake and flavored vodka just for fun. My Mom bought ice cream too. It was just a simple celebration, just like the way my Mom always wanted to do. My three other siblings who are in Manila also cooked something for her and sent the pictures to us. We ended the day by watching a movie while drinking the vodka together.

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S. This is my Mom’s first birthday without my father with us but we still managed to celebrate it with joy and just lit a candle for him.


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