Reasons Why I Started This Blog

In today’s post, I want to share with you what are my reasons why and how I started this blog. I read some blogs about how they begin their journey in blogging, what are their reasons, so on and so forth. So, I thought this is a fun topic to discuss with you although I feel awkward to tell anyone about my blog site. I understand that letting other people know about my blogging will gain me more followers and stuff but I still feel timid about sharing them what I’m up to these days.

This was all started when I don’t have anything to do but search online on how I can make money even when I’m just at home. I know that it’s not going to be easy but I’m up for the challenge. Have I mentioned to you before that I’ve tried to make vlogs on YouTube? Haha. Yes, I did. And no, I didn’t post silly pranks and other fun things but something related to what I post here today on my blog.

Since I was the only one who left here at home all the time and the only time that I can talk to my Mom is when she gets home from work on weekdays and her day-offs on weekends. All of my friends are also busy with their work. I was the only one who doesn’t have anything to do. So, I looked for a platform where I can express some of my thoughts without catching so much attention from others. That’s how I got into the world of blogging.

Let me enumerate my reasons why I blog:

1.Share and express my self to others.

Just like what I’ve mentioned, one of the main reasons why I created this blog is because I want to let others know what’s on my mind, and what I think about certain things. Most of my posts are based on my experiences. Sometimes, I make research to get additional ideas about topics that I’m not that sure of. Sharing and expressing one’s thoughts is my way of connecting to others even if I don’t know them personally. It feels good to know when somebody can relate to what I’m going through and be reminded that I’m not alone.

2. Develop my writing skills.

English is not my first language so I’m not that confident in how I write and even speak it. I even use grammar checking sites and applications to correct my grammars before I post my writings here on my blog. I know that I don’t need to be perfect but still, I don’t want the readers to think that I don’t value how I express myself with words and bore you with my ‘not-so-good’ way of expression. I’m still working on my writing and of course, speaking too.

 3. Earn money.

And lastly, but not the least, I blog to make money. It’s not yet even a year since I began posting here and so far, I’m enjoying it! I’m happy about the positive comments that I received from time to time and it makes me motivated too. I love what I do so along with my passion and happiness, why not make money from it as well, right?

Thank you so much for reading!


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