You Better Stop Wasting Your Time

We all have 24 hours in a day to spend and in that case, we’re all equal. However, why do some of us still complains about not having enough time to do what we need in a single day? What do we think causes the problem of why we can’t finish the job we needed to do? Why do always think that 24 hours a day is not enough for us? And why do we think that we have limited time unlike others when in fact, we all have the same day deadline?

I can’t say that I’m always being productive in my everyday life. There are times that I just slack, watch a movie all day and stay in bed for the day. But these days serve as a reward for myself knowing that I did tedious tasks and were able to check out all the things in my to-do list. Sometimes, I feel guilty about it but I can also feel tiredness.

Waking up early in the morning is one of the lessons I’ve learned from my Mom. She trained us to wake up at 6 am even if there’s no school and helped her with household chores. She said that being early can give us more time to finish if not all, most of our chores in a day. If lucky, we can still have more time to play outside or watch a television. There’s a saying, “early birds catches the early worm” which means that waking up early will allow us to get more blessings ahead of others.

I’ve mentioned in one of my posts about my problem with procrastination. I used to stay in bed until 10 am and just scroll on my phone until I feel hungry. It was an unhealthy habit since it affected my health entirely. I can’t focus on what I do and I easily get angry and irritated. I figured out what were my problems and one of those was managing time. That’s when I begin to write down my to-do list and even get a journal. Doing these simple things helped me to focus on my goals since I easily get distracted. I no longer want to go back to the old me where all I do is just sit, sleep and end the day without doing any productive things.

I know a few people who spend their days consuming alcohol, playing games with their phones and gossiping about others. Thinking that they’ll end again their days doing the same things all over again makes me shake my head all the time. I’m not perfect but I can say that I finished my tasks in a day because I know my priorities. When I get tired and bored with what I’m doing, I do something else and then continue my task feeling more motivated.

We all have to remember that 24 hours a day is enough if we all know how to manage our time, prioritize things and focus on targeting our goals in a day. It may be difficult at first if we get used to slacking all the time but if we want to make ourselves improve and be successful someday, then we should stop wasting our time.

Thank you so much for reading!


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