I Tracked My Phone Usage And Here’s What Happened

After watching a Netflix documentary about social media called The Social Dilemma, I can honestly tell you how paranoid I am now when it comes to using my phone and visiting my social media accounts. I’m guilty of overusing most of my time on my phone after finishing all of my tasks in a day and I’m not aware of it at all. How are we supposed to track how many times we pick up our phones and the minutes or hours we use it in a day? There’s no way we can do that unless we use an app that will do the job for us.

I downloaded this app called StayFree a week ago and so far, it’s very useful in helping me track my phone usage in a day. This is an unpaid promotion everyone, so I don’t get any money by doing this. I just want to share my experience using this app and show you how efficient it is to use.

StayFree can track our daily time usage as well as the daily average time on each app we open on our phones. It’s easy to follow since it shows the highest to the least time we use the apps we have. What’s cooler is that it can recognize how many times we open our phones just to check on time for instance. Seeing the numbers so high in the first three days of me using it scares me because I feel like I’m being controlled by my phone, not the other way around. It’s a good thing that StayFree can notify when we have been using an app for a long time. We can change it based on our preference, like for how long are we going to use apps before it reminds us if it’s beyond our time limit goals. It can show us our record for a week and see if we’re keeping on our goals or not.

I understand how important social media platforms are today for most of us especially if we always use it for business, career and even personal purposes. However, if we intend to ruin the peace on other people’s lives, spread fake news related to government and religion and scare others by telling lies about something, we better think twice. Some professionals who once worked behind social media we’re using right now stated that this technology can manipulate what should we do next instead of doing something on our free-will. Isn’t it creepy? We may not notice it but we’re slowly being pulled from the real world inside of the screen.

What’s happening with the world right now, the chaos in any part of the world? I believe that some of them were caused by social media. Small issues get bigger when a lot of people start to give their opinions that sometimes, it’s too much to handle already. What’s the worst thing about this is that the number of people who commit suicide and experience anxiety is getting high. And it’s not impossible since we tend to compare ourselves and lives to so-called ‘perfect’ images we see online.

It’s been two weeks now since I’ve installed this app and I can tell that I’m improving. I can now manage my phone time and do other productive things. My sleep is getting back to normal as well as my lifestyle. I’m still far from my goals but I’m working on it.

Thank you so much for reading!


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