Tricks That Will Surely Help You Save Money

It’s always been my plan to write something about saving money and finally, the long wait is over. Saving money is one of the hardest things that we think we can do especially nowadays where most of the transactions are online and cashless. Even before this pandemic existed, most of us use credit cards to purchase things and buy food and pay bills. Of course, the convenience it can give to us is all worth it however, if we don’t know how to manage our spending habits and expenses, then we have a problem with that.

When I was a kid, I can still remember how strict my Mom was when it comes to giving us money. She believed that there’s a right age for a kid to hold a penny especially if we still don’t know its value, how to spend and save it. So instead of giving us money when we go to school, she bought us lunch boxes each and made sure we eat healthy snacks and lunch. I didn’t understand back then why was she like that to us and as I grew up, I realized what she really meant.

I’ll tell you next time how and when I figured out the value of money because today, I’ll be sharing some of the tricks I do to effectively save money.

Eat at home.

Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee or a sandwich from your favorite coffee shop, try to cook and eat healthily at home. This may sound difficult for some of you who don’t have enough time to prepare food in the morning, but if your goal is to save a few bucks, then sacrificing a few minutes of your sleep is necessary. I used to be like that too, who always eat outside because I didn’t know how to cook. Yet, I tried to change my habit by taking time preparing and learning how to make simple dishes. And when you got home from school and work, try to avoid eating out when you know there will be food to eat when you get home.

Avoid shopping malls especially when it’s on sale.

I’m not a materialistic person but when I found something nice or want to try a new restaurant, I go for it! When I started working and receiving salaries, my goal of saving money first faded. I was too excited to buy things I dreamed of buying when I was still a student! And since the working place was near shopping malls, I always go straight inside and spend every penny in my debit card. And then one day, I suddenly realized that I should start saving money because I can’t work forever just to pay the bills and grow old without any money left in my pocket.

Pay cash instead of using your credit or debit card.

I’m used to paying anything I buy or eat in cash. Because apart from being afraid that my account may get hacked, I also want to see how much have I spend in a day with my money. If you really can’t avoid using credit or debit cards, try to limit your daily expenses. It’s just a matter of discipline. By doing this, you might also get shocked how much money is left in your pocket by the end of a day if you start spending in cash instead of cashless.

Thank you so much for reading!


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