Small Habits For Big Changes

It’s only about two and a half months away before the year 2020 ends and part of welcoming the new year is listing down our resolutions. The things we want to achieve in life and do changes about ourselves are the most common things we put on it but unfortunately, only a few of us can create results and make those things happen. I admit that I am part of that few who can’t stick to goals and I don’t have any other excuses aside from most of them are a bit too broad to achieve. I don’t see the value of how small habits can make big changes in the long run.

When we say small habits or routines, it begins with our daily activities from the time we wake up, work and before we go to sleep. Here are some of the small things but can bring huge results to our well-being and help us achieve our goals for the whole new year.

There’s no problem with setting big goals because that’s what we want to have in life. The issue is that they’re big enough to make us feel overwhelmed which can lead us to give up and settle for what we already have instead of aiming for more. The key to preventing us from feeling indulge in our own dreams and goals is to start with small and simple steps. In that way, whether we fail or not, being miserable will be out of hand and be avoided.

1. Don’t check our phones when we just woke up.

2. Set a time when to check and respond to our emails.

3. Sit, relax and eat mindfully.

4. Reduce the time we spend on our phones, consider it a tool, not a toy.

5. Try to walk around on our breaks instead of sitting all day long while at work.

6. Let’s turn off our devices a few hours before we go to bed.

7. Take time to reflect on our day by writing down our worries and the things we have achieved.

8. Stop ourselves from using our phones and let us experience the boredom.

9. Don’t make the unfinished tasks worry at the end of the day.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Small Habits For Big Changes

  1. This year Iā€™m definitely giving myself permission to make the resolution not to make any resolutions seeing how 2020 craziness sabotaged the execution of any of last years :X


    1. šŸ˜‚ Nice resolution, Zoe. Yeah, this year is a bit tragic but let’s look forward to this coming new year. šŸ˜Š Let’s all stay think positive. ā¤


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