What’s New With This Year’s Halloween Celebration?

Happy Halloween everybody! I know that there will be a lot of changes in this year’s celebration of Halloween due to the pandemic. However, we shouldn’t allow it to stop us from having enjoyment! We can still celebrate it with our family at home, loved ones and even close friends we live with. Just be creative on how we can do it without compromising everyone’s health.

Most of the updates I saw last night on my IG and Facebook feeds were about how they enjoyed their Halloween this year. I had fun watching some of their stories and looking at their faces and costumes related to the occasion. I felt that the pandemic didn’t exist for a bit because of that.

I grew up not experiencing doing trick or treat and even going to any Halloween parties. We just stay at home, cook some dishes like pancit and rice cake then light some candles and pray for the soul of our relatives who passed away. I’m not against the Western and other countries’ ways of celebrating this day because it is fun and we all have different ways of doing based on our cultures and traditions. Being a Filipino and a Catholic, I embrace how we do it because not only it’s a nice way to remember our loved ones who were no longer with us but it’s also a great time to reminisce those memories of them as well when they were still alive. It feels good to think about the old days without getting too sad or emotional which we all need it sometimes.

My sister asked me this morning about who am I going to be if I’m going to attend a Halloween party. Although I know so many characters from the movies I watched, I can’t think of anything! I told her I don’t have anything in mind and I’ll think about it. She asked me around 10 am and it’s already 1 pm here but still, I can’t think of anything!

Thank you so much for reading!


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