A Day Full Of Realization

This morning, I read one of my sister’s message telling me that the wind and rain were so strong in Manila. They’re experiencing typhoon signal number 3 since yesterday and last night, the weather condition got worse. We’re already used to this kind of situation because yearly, we’re encountering at least 20 typhoons, almost the number of letters in the alphabet. Yet, we still get goosebumps every time the news tells how big the casualties we had once it left. As I write this post, I’m listening to the radio about what’s going on out there. Some are experiencing floods and the water is getting high up to their third floor. Some are saving their modules and laptops for their online classes. They’re waiting for some officials for them to get rescued and hopefully, they’ll get it soon. I hope my little sister is safe because she will be home from work this morning.

What’s happening in Manila right now is the opposite of what we have here in my place. It’s sunny and dry. My Mom told me that the climate is getting back to normal. Unlike these past few years, during ber months, we experienced heavy rains here. I think it’s okay to have rains sometimes but not to the point where some places are overflowing. The plants need to get watered too.

At 3 am, I decided to watch some videos on Facebook. I saw this clip where the kids are being saved by their fathers from getting hurt. I suddenly remembered my father. It’s not yet even a year since he passed away. I got teary eyes and decided to stop watching it and try to get more sleep. As much as I want to remember all the good things he did for us, I can’t because I was a kid back then. All I have in my memories are not the good ones. My Mom once said that she felt that he just took a vacation and it will take forever for him to come back home.

I did what I normally do in a day, my routines. I make hot chocolate, cook food for the dogs and feed them, then had a video call with my SO. He’s in a different city right now for work. I made my Mom a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast before she goes to work. I took a bath after I exercise and chat with my sister. She said that our little sister is already home and I’m glad about it. My little brother is causing us a headache lately. He’s in his 20’s but he still acts like a kid.

I’ll be downloading some photos from my Facebook account and send it to some of my friends because I’ll be deleting it soon. Peace of mind and some privacy are some of the gifts I will give to myself. Next month is my birthday, guys! I’m not going to have a party, probably visit my father’s tomb and eat with my Mom somewhere.

Thank you so much for reading!


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