Don’t Lose You; Love Yourself

You should learn how to love yourself first before you learn how to love others. Some are becoming selfless because they tend to give all the love they have including the ones that belong to themselves when in the first place, it’s not necessary. Because when people finally leave you, you might get lost out of nowhere.

I realized that you can never receive the love you deserve if you still haven’t realized what’s your worth. When you still haven’t mastered the art of loving yourself and when you still haven’t given it to yourself first. It’s easy to say but it’s hard to do especially if you get used to giving more to others than to yourself.

Having self-respect, prioritizing your happiness and taking care of yourself is part of having self-love. Some of you are being blinded by other people’s acts of pretending that they care about you. Yet, when things go wrong, they’ll show you their true colors behind those masks they’re wearing and you’ll see how fake they are. They’ll start to blame you, hurt you emotionally and some, unfortunately, experience physical abuse as well until you get drowned and think that life is just a miserable gift from above.

You all have the right to love and be loved by others. But too much love will kill you and this may sound a bit like lyrics and it’s true. When you learn how to spend time alone, value your opinions and decisions, focus on your needs and wants, embrace all your imperfections and appreciate all of it, you’ll be fine. Don’t feel scared that others may think you’re selfish and all. What they think about doesn’t really matter as long as you know how and what makes you happy in life.

Thank you so much for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Don’t Lose You; Love Yourself

  1. Great post, Danielle. And I love the part where you mention people who show their true colors when things go wrong because that happened to me many times when I was young. And back then, I still continued to give too much of myself, but my self-esteem took a big hit because of it. Thank goodness I’ve since seen my worth and walked away from those people. I eventually found my tribe. Thank you so much for posting.

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    1. This makes my heart melt. 🥰 I’m glad that some people like you can relate to what I’ve been through. Thank you as well and you’re welcome, Cherie. ❤

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