Everything Is Going To Be Alright

The year 2020 is not yet over but I can say that I already learned a lot of things when it comes to family matters, friendship, career, relationship and in other aspects of life. This is probably the period where I encountered situations I thought I can’t handle. Indeed, you can only figure it out once you’re finally in a certain position. You’ll never know what you’re into if you’ll stay in your comfort zone and be a coward.

Life has been too harsh for me lately and sometimes I feel like I have no control over my life but here I am, trying to be strong and stay positive every now and then. Whenever I sense that I’m starting to become pessimistic about something, I try my best to shift my mood into something good and be happy. I also remind myself that everything has its reason why all of these are happening. I undertstand that it’s normal and we will all go through rough times and just consider it as part of the learning process of life.

I believe that because of my Mom, I became a strong person as I grow up. She always remind me that to make life easier and worry-free, consider problems as challenges. I worry too much that I might fail every people who look up to me. But as I look back in the past, a few of them stayed when fall until I can get up again and one of them is my mother.

Thinking that everything will be alright makes me think that every sunrise brings hope and a new beginning. I know that all the experiences I’ve surpassed, it may be hard or easy, small or big, matters to me because without it, I wouldn’t be the kind of person that I am right now. I’m confident that I’m doing better every time I face some challenges in my life because I’m becoming tougher, braver and wiser every single day.

Thank you so much for reading!


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