The First Day Of My Body Pain Update


It’s been 5 days since I started getting back to exercising again. I thought I’ll be able to maintain the weight I desired and reached but I was wrong. I focused too much on controlling my diet and skipped working out. Now that I lost 2 kilograms, I have to gain them back again.

I do love exercising because it makes me feel active and productive. The only thing that I don’t like about gaining weight is that I have to eat more than what I normally consume. I don’t like eating when I don’t feel hungry too.


It’s another day and week, everyone! Just like I always do, I wake up early this morning, make a cup of hot chocolate and do some cleaning in the garden. It’s still my Mom’s day off and as usual, she already started watering the plants and did some arrangements for it. I asked her to go with me to the market, and we left at around 9 am. When we got back, I fed the dogs and took a shower. The weather was a bit gloomy earlier but right now, it’s sunny. We just finished having lunch and I’m thinking about whether I take a nap now or read a book instead.

I also did some exercise this morning which made me challenge myself. 50 leg raises each, 50 donkey side raises each, 30 lunges and 30 bridges were what I did today. After I exercised, I decided to take a before photo of my body in front of the mirror for my challenge. Then after 15 days of working out continuously, I’ll take an after photo and see if something has changed or none. I already did this before but for some reason, I stop and just do some stretching instead whenever I feel like it.

My legs are feeling sore right now and all I want to do is lay them down for a day but it’s impossible. I have to look after the store while I’m resting so I have to stand up from time to time as well. Anyway, my 15-day workout challenge starts today so tomorrow, I’m going to update again what kind of exercise I did and I’ll try not to be lazy this time. You might think that I’m just doing this for my blog or whatever, but the truth is, I want to improve myself. From getting more disciplined by sticking with my workout routine and the most important thing for me is to stay healthy and fit. One of my sisters is getting back to exercising again too and I’m glad that she follows our advice instead of insisting on taking meds. She’s not having her regular period lately and it bothers us so much. We still ask her to start being active first, avoid getting stressed, and consume healthy food. If that didn’t work, that’s the only time we’ll let her go to the doctor and have medication.

The last day that I’m going to update you about my workout challenge will be on the 2nd day of next month. Yay! Wish me luck!

Thank you so much for reading!


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