A Well-Organized Day For Me

I woke up before my alarm rings and I got up at around 5 am. My phone battery was below 10 percent before I charged it this morning. I had a few minutes to chat with my SO before he goes to sleep. I was already having a cup of hot chocolate at that time. Then I fed the dogs while I’m preparing breakfast for my Mom. I boiled eggs for us. While she’s preparing to go to work, I began my workout and this is my second day today.

One of my girl best friends sent me a post about the criteria that an indie film production is looking for. They’re calling for a leading lady that has an innocent face, a beauty that street guys would love and an aura that looks like who still hasn’t got a boyfriend. We were both laughing and teasing each other about it. She told me that she fits in that description and I don’t. It’s nice to catch up with her even for a bit. She’s working right now so I already excuse myself and let her do her job.

For lunch, I cooked a spicy tuna with cabbage and ate it with brown rice. I took a sip of soda as a treat for not being lazy to exercise today. Hooray! I’m planning to work on my blog again while waiting for my Mom to get home. I’ll make food for the dogs as well then help to prepare for dinner later. I’ll read a couple of pages of the book that I’m reading since last month. Then I’ll try to sleep with a smile on my face and thank God for being so kind to me and the people that I love.

Day 2 of 15-day workout challenge:

30 side leg raise each
30 squat and kick
30 rise and pile
30 lunges
30 donkey kicks
1-minute high knee kicks
1-minute jumping jacks
1-minute planking
30 leg reaches
20 plank with leg raises
30 bicycles
20 glute raises
20 pike-ups

Thank you so much for reading!


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