Don’t Try Too Hard

Trying too much to be in someone else’s life without their willingness to embrace us is such a pathetic thing to do. The same idea when we try so hard to impress other people so we can receive praise from them. And aim for overnight success by tiring ourselves to death. I, myself, sometimes guilty about doing these things and I feel so ridiculous right now as I type today’s post.

In this generation, I feel more pressured about everything, unlike in my younger days. Social media has a great impact on the way I live my life today. It’s difficult to ignore and not try to fit in on what I see online though, I’m practicing to focus on my strengths and embrace my flaws every single day. Although there are some days that I can’t feel that way, I guess it’s normal.

I can’t say that I have had the worst experiences trying too hard to please everybody because I was raised to be me, my own true version. But still, escaping society’s standard of beauty, status and success is an impossible thing to do. Celebrities, politicians, strangers, friends, and even my family have influenced me to be the kind of person I should and could be.

Knowing some people I’ve met who please everybody and never reveal who really they were, made me realize how precious it is to be yourself and express what’s on your mind. This gave me the impression that I shouldn’t let others define who really am and control what I should say, think, or do.

I’m the only one who knows me better than anyone else. My bluntness is what makes me unique from others. My own definition of success is about being able to sleep at night without any worry in my heart and I know it’s different from other people and it’s totally fine. The way I dress, take care of my body and what others think about my look are not important as long as I’m comfortable and confident about myself, it’s enough with me.

My advice? Be our authentic selves. Speak up with what our minds and hearts say. Pleasing everyone and comparing ourselves to others will not bring us any good. Just let things flow without hurting ourselves along the process.

Thank you so much for reading!


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