Things I’ve Learned (and Still Learning) From Exercising

When it comes to my wellness, I try to stay fit and healthy by consuming the right kind and amount of food, and by doing exercise. If you’ve read my post about me starting a 15 days challenge workout, then you’ll know how eager I am to do it. Today is the third day of my 15 days workout challenge and I can say that I’m doing good with it. I took two days of rest because my body isn’t used to exerting too much effort these days and I can’t push myself so hard just for this challenge. It’s common to feel pain in any part of your body when you don’t regularly stretch your muscles all the time so relax.

Along the process of working out, I discovered a few things about life too and it’s amusing that I focus on my exercises and at the same time, I also think of the lessons I can learn from them. I realize how it can help improve your life not only your figure. It’s not all about attaining your body goals but also getting on the right attitude and mindset before you become successful.

When there’s no pain, there’s no gain

Your flaws are what make you feel upset and disappointed about yourself sometimes. Yes, it’s considerable to tell yourself to accept what you have naturally but if there are ways to improve it, then make it happen. Exercising is the same thing as making transformations in your life one step at a time. When you want something, what do you always tend to do? You make it a goal, work hard and get it, right? You have to go through hardships first before you get to the top and be the kind of person you always wanted to be.

Being patient can take you a long way

When I do a certain workout routine, I have this attitude that I have to get it done so fast without considering that I might get injured. I easily get impatient and I just want to move on to the next routine right away because I find it tough to do and so on. However, as weeks passed by, I figured out that I won’t get the results that I wanted to get by having the wrong mindset. Just like creating a solution to a problem, you have to look for the issue, evaluate it and execute the right ways to solve it. It takes time for you to get it done but it’s going to be worth it for sure.

Consistency is always the key

Doing one thing that’s new to you can be thrilling at first. You found it very fascinating and motivational yet, there will be a point in the process where you just want to stop because you felt exhausted by it and you just want to go back to your old habits. I’ve been there and by skipping one day of not exercising, I got entirely sluggish and forget about it instead. But here I am again, trying to prove something for myself by starting all over again with my routine and this time, by being consistent and disciplined. Just be careful not to put too much pressure on yourself and still make sure to get enough rest whenever you need to.

Hard work will be paid off by making small actions every single day

If you want to make your dreams into reality, start by making a strong and long-term decision then take the proper actions. And with that, take a small step, one day at a time. Successful people are made of hard work and consistency. They didn’t become successful by overworking themselves overnight but by doing the right techniques every single day. Slow down and enjoy the process because that’s how it’s supposed to be. I understand that it may take time for me to get my ideal body figure but I don’t mind. I’m enjoying the amount of sweat I get at the end of my workout all the time because it helps me release stress and it makes me feel good.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned (and Still Learning) From Exercising

  1. Consistency and small steps are underrated, that’s for sure. Many people think that just because they set out on a grand goal, that they need to take big steps in order to achieve them. Often times it’s the small steps done every day which is more effective. Thanks for this!

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