Goodbye, Facebook. Hello, Real World

And the day has come! Yes, today at exactly midnight, I’ll already put my Facebook account in the trash (not literally, of course). I decided to delete it because of so many reasons. This is just my preference and don’t worry, I’m not going to convince you to do the same. I have this account since I was 16 and through the years, I can honestly tell that it has a huge part of my life. It has probably some effects on me emotionally and mentally because looking back from my old status updates and photos, it reflects what kind of a person I was back then.

I was a timid girl before and it shows in some of the albums I created with my circle of friends in college. I was the only one who loves uploading photos online but doesn’t have my faces on it, just most of my friends. I don’t know why but seeing my face in a picture back then makes me more insecure. I don’t have clear skin before, which is for some, is normal, and it just showed up when I was in college. Some of my friends were always asking me why I don’t like being in the pictures and all I can say is, “I just don’t want to.”

It was hilarious and embarrassing to read my old posts before! I can still remember erasing some of it but the one that I will not forget was an update about someone who doesn’t know how to cut onion. This made me think now about what kind of a person I was before. I feel like I was a “miss-know-it-all” type of person in the past and I thought it was cool but I was wrong. I realize now how I don’t value my privacy before because I always broadcast on my wall about where I am, what do I eat, who am I with, what do we do, etc. It was sooooo unfiltered! My choice of words as well as a little bit naïve that I didn’t even think maybe someone was being offended by the way I say things. The only best thing about learning how to use Facebook is to have communication with my long lost friends. I can’t think of anything else aside from that. Maybe for some of you use it for business purposes but personal use, just for having a communication.

Some part of me is sad about my decision but what’s more important is that I’ll have more time appreciating the real world outside the virtual dimension. Am I getting too deep? I noticed that too. I have a lot of good memories being kept in my account for so many years now because I just put it in Only Me audience setting. I started doing that maybe when I was early 20’s because it was beginning to sink into me the value of keeping something for myself than show and tell to everybody all about me than making effort to know the real me.

And for me not to feel so bad about this, I get some photos that I feel like keeping that will remind me of some good experiences before. I even messaged some old friends that I haven’t seen and talked to for two or three years now, I think, and asked them if they want to keep our pictures together as a remembrance. It took me 3 days to do that because I have to download it and send it to them but it was all worth it because they felt happy and being reminded of the old good time we had spent together.

I’m going to miss my account for sure but I’ll try to think about what are the benefits I can get from doing this. Taking care of myself first is my priority for now than minding others peoples’ lives. This can make me happy that’s why I’ll do it and regretting is the last thing on my mind right now. If you’ll ask me what do I feel now that I only have less than 24 hours of having my account, I can’t wait for it to be deleted.

Thank you so much for reading!


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Facebook. Hello, Real World

  1. Girl! I am sooooo happy for you. This makes me so emotional but I can see that you have grown and outgrew the old you! Cheers to that! I miss you!

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