A Lazy Rainy Sunday

It’s been raining for a week now and I can’t help but hate this kind of weather. Because aside from it’s cold to take a shower, it also makes me feel lazy to do the things I should be doing. Yet, here I am, got the time to make an update here on my blog.

This week, a lot of things happened. We already received the gas range with an oven that we ordered which we thought will come next weekend. The old one that we use as of today is a remembrance of my father’s 25 years in the company he worked for. We decided to purchase a new one because the oven and electrical stove are no longer working as well as the other manual stove. My Mom said that we’ll keep it as long as we can still use the last stove for cooking. And just yesterday day, the men (who used to be my father’s buddies in drinking) started to fix our flooring from plain cement to a colored one. We were expecting that they’ll come today but we realized that it’s Sunday and they consider it as their day-off. Hopefully, they can finish the repair as soon as possible so we can start arranging and decorating our home right away.

Another thing, my sister and I already launched our second online business where we sell accessories (earrings, necklaces). If you can remember, I mentioned before about the project that I’ve been working with my sister which is why I have to put on hold on my blogging. It’s an online business where we sell handcrafted items such as macrame coasters, clay pots and wall decors. Soon, I’ll show you some samples of what they look like.

Aside from that, two days ago, I opened my Mom’s email (she’s not a techie so I do the online thing for her) and I found out that she still has an outstanding salary loan from Social Security around 7,000 PHP ($144). I was laughing when I told her about it because we both thought that they’re no longer asked her to pay for it since it was way 1980’s. Apparently, we’re wrong! Her penalty fee is way too high from the amount she borrowed and the interest. There’s a history behind that loan and that’s for my Mom’s college tuition fee. She said she’s still grateful for it because she’s not going to be a licensed pharmacist without that money so she’s willing to pay for it.

It’s only past 1 pm here and I don’t have a plan to take a nap. I want to have a good night sleep later so I’m planning to watch a movie and read a book. My current read is The Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. Have a nice day Sunday.

Thank you so much for reading!


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